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The Kolb Homestead farm is a 58 acre tract located 5 miles north of the town of Princeton, in Washington Township, Gibson County, in the southwest part of Indiana. The farm owned by the Orr Family of Columbus, Indiana.


The Kolb Homestead farm is bisected by State Road 65 (historically, Princeton- Petersburg Road ), north of the Patoka River. There are approximately 30 acres on each side of State Road 65. On the east side of the road stands the farmhouse and four additional structures. On the west side of the road stands a large barn and several structures. The farm has several farm ponds and multiple pastures. On the west side of the road there is a bunker silo and remnants of the oil business including an old pump and tanks.


The Kolb Homestead has agricultural and architectural significance. The farm represents agricultural development in Gibson County from c.1850 to present. The house, built c.1850, is an outstanding representation of an I house in the county. The two large barns near the house, both built c.1920, are examples of a transverse frame barn and a three-portal barn. Other historical aspects include a pump, a granary, a wagon shed, a tenant house, a pasture, and a river site. Additionally, there are two log pens, and an English barn which were moved onto the farm c.1950.


For an aerial view of the farm click here – Kolb Homestead aerial view


The Kolb Homestead is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is currently listed as the Trippett–Glaze–Duncan Farm.




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